Learn Our Secrets to Getting a Great Price on a New Car.
Secret AutoPrice.com gives you secrets for negotiating with a dealer in order to get the best deal possible. By following the highly effective approaches described in the following pages, both you and the dealer will reach a negotiated price that really works. That's a "Win-Win" for you and for your selected dealer!

Our Secret Tips Include
  • Select more than one type vehicle
  • Compare dealers and prices
  • Consider driving further to find a better price
Things You Should Know!
  • Supply and Demand Influence Pricing
    When demand for specific cars is below supply, you have more control over the vehicle's price. Dealers will accept almost any reasonable offer. Use the Invoice Price as a starting point for your negotiation.

  • Understanding Incentives and Rebates
    Dealers get manufacturer incentives on certain models—incentives above and beyond consumer incentives and rebates. These incentives and rebates may not be deducted from the official Invoice Price, so the dealer's cost may be substantially lower than Invoice Price. Ask about these incentives and make sure the dealer shares these savings with you as part of the purchase price.

  • Knowing When to Buy
    Every dealership and every salesman has a monthly and quarterly goal for units sold. As the period for these goals comes to a close, dealerships tend to lower prices to make their numbers.

1: Select Your Desired New Vehicle


Get The Dealer's Best Price

Step 1. Select Your Desired New Vehicle
With this information, you will get the MSRP (sticker price) and the Invoice Price *. Use this information to help you evaluate and understand the price quotes you’ll receive from local dealers.

Step 2. Let The Dealer Contact You With An Instant Quote
Provide your basic contact information. SecretAutoPrice.com will contact the dealers on your behalf letting them know you are in the market for a new car. You'll start receiving price quotes by phone or by email from local dealers.

Step 3. Follow The Process To Get The Best Price
This proven process will show you how to negotiate with the dealers once you have their initial price quote.

* For some new models, MSRP or Invoice Price may not be available.

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SecretAutoPrice.com offers tips for helping you secure a great deal on your new vehicle by getting the best price from the dealer, a proven bargaining method. SecretAutoPrice.com is a site that is independent of any automotive manufacturer or dealer group. We are focused on you, the auto buyer.

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We respect your privacy. It's that simple.

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